API documentation

Removing people from Autopilot

Remove a person from Autopilot, cancelling any already-scheduled Autopilot surveys for this person. Removing someone from Autopilot does not remove the person from your Delighted project, nor does it remove any survey responses. Any surveys that have already been sent can still receive feedback, but no future Autopilot surveys will be sent to this person.


For email:
DELETE /v1/autopilot/email/memberships.json
For SMS:
DELETE /v1/autopilot/sms/memberships.json

Example request

curl https://api.delighted.com/v1/autopilot/email/memberships.json \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{
      "person_email": "jony@appleseed.com",
result = Delighted::AutopilotMembership::Email.delete(
  person_email: "jony@appleseed.com"
result = delighted.autopilotMembership.forEmail().delete({
  person_email: 'jony@appleseed.com'
$result = \Delighted\AutopilotMembership\Email::delete(['person_email' => 'jony@appleseed.com']);
result = delighted.AutopilotMembership.forEmail().delete(person_email='jony@appleseed.com')

Example response

  "person": {
    "id": "1",
    "name": null,
    "email": "jony@appleseed.com",
    "created_at": 1710602347,
    "phone_number": "+1555555112"


You must specify exactly one of the following parameters to identify which person you want to remove: person_id, person_email, or person_phone_number.

Name Type Description
person_id String Id of the person to be removed from Autopilot.
person_email String Email of the person to be removed from Autopilot.
person_phone_number String

Phone number of the person.

The phone number format must be E.164 (e.g. +17132746524). The value should start with a + followed by the country code and then the number. The value should contain only + and digits, no spaces or other punctuation.