API documentation

Listing people

Retrieve all people for your account.

Results are returned in the order in which they were created. See the pagination section below for more information regarding pagination.

You can search for specific people by passing either an email or a phone_number parameter (but not both). The results are returned as a list, which will be empty if no matching people were found.


GET /v1/people.json

Example request

curl https://api.delighted.com/v1/people.json \
people = Delighted::Person.list
people.auto_paging_each({ auto_handle_rate_limits: true }) do |person|
  # Do something with person
  .autoPagingEach((person) => {
    // Do something with `person`
  .then(() => {
    // Done iterating
people = delighted.Person.list(auto_handle_rate_limits=True)
for person in people.auto_paging_iter():
  # Do something with person
$people = \Delighted\Person::list();
foreach ($people->autoPagingIterator(['auto_handle_rate_limits' => true]) as $person) {
  // Do something with $person

Example response

    "id": "1",
    "email": "gabriel.larson@simsarnold.com",
    "name": "Gabriel Larson",
    "created_at": 1715987231,
    "phone_number": "+17132746524",
    "last_sent_at": 1717628831,
    "last_responded_at": 1718233631,
    "next_survey_scheduled_at": 1726614431


Name Type Description
per_page Integer Number of results to return per page. The default is 20. The maximum is 100.
since Integer An optional Unix timestamp to restrict the list to people created on or after this time. Formatting example (for 1 hour ago): 1721254031.
until Integer An optional Unix timestamp to restrict the list to people created on or before this time. Formatting example (for the current time): 1721257631.
email String An optional email to restrict results to a specific person.
phone_number String

An optional phone number to restrict results to a specific person.

The phone number format must be E.164 (e.g. +17132746524). The value should start with a + followed by the country code and then the number. The value should contain only + and digits, no spaces or other punctuation.


Pagination is cursor based. Within each response, a Link header will provide access to the next page of results. If missing, there are no more results to be returned.

Example header

Link: <https://api.delighted.com/v1/people.json?page_info=U0NsMU1hOEUzblJCWDhLR3lCTFg=>; rel="next";